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3D Movie Madagascar Malaysia Defeat

Saturday, October 20, 2012 | 9:02 PM

Malaysia's first film Sci-Fi 3D beat Madagascar, Wins grace traits best 3D animations in LA

The person who won this gift will return to Malaysia

Petaling Jaya - Country First Instance that produce 3D animation will go home next month after winning the best features of the best 3D animation festival in Los Angeles months off.

Tripod Entertainment War of the universe: Goliath (WOTWG), who won big at the festival antarabangsa, has beaten the popular Hollywood 3D movies such as Madagascar 3, Paranorman and Tinker Bell: Rahsia Wings.

This film is also presented in the typical checks in at the San Diego Comic Julai Konvensyen and has since been hailed kerana futuristic concepts and their interesting shapes.

Tony Eusoff Tempatan Talent and Capital FM DJ Asha Gill accompanying cast with people antarabangsa Peter Whingfield, Marl Sheppard and Adam Baldwin to lend their voices for the film, which took another four years to produce.

Loosely adapted as a sequel to HG Wells classic War 'of the universe, the film centers around after pencerobohan Earth Mars in 1916 year, in which humans have been developing an original ports and use the technology left behind Mars.

The animated science-themed fiksyen set in the past, the film has been described as "retro stim-punk", with a plot that is concentrated to the human effort to prevent and defend the Earth than the second wave of foreign pencerobohan.

Movie sound expenditures Gavin Yap said the film was its own Malaysia, with one rather than the main characters, is a son who also carry a line Bugis in Malay.

He said most of the post-production work for the film, including a 3D impression, has done

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