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50 tips to build a happy family-Dr Fadzilah Kamsah

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 | 2:27 PM

1. Install faith and pray to be the best husband. Without intention and pray you will not be so excellent husband. Many husbands have forgotten.
2. Grateful for having a life partner. Be assured that your wife is the best partner God set for you. Conditions of God is the best.
3. Pride exemplary husband and wife. Make sure you develop positive character and special. Just ask yourself what is the nature or practice can be proud of your wife.

4. Every day with a smile and enthusiastic home. When the husband smiled, his wife and children will be happy and God's grace will fall. Senyumlah when got home.

5. Make sure you have time to talk to her every day. All the wife happy when able to talk to her husband. How many minutes do you spend sampler chat with her every day?
6. Her phone or send SMS just to say that you love or longing in her. Your wife will be excited and happy when get a call or message.
7. Entertain your wife's heart by telling stories for a friendly joke or prank. Every joke treat heart wife and husband & wife relationship.
8. Make sure you are jesting with his wife in a vehicle while traveling to work or anywhere else. Many husbands waste time with silence while in a vehicle.
9. Eat a meal together every day. Friendly chat and advising during the meal. This practice would attract Lord will guide and strengthen the relationship. Avoid talking reckless things while eating.
10. Invite your wife bathe together occasionally. Joking in the shower together is sunnah to strengthen the relationship of husband and wife.
11. Adopt a family meeting as often as possible. God meets interesting guided practice, deepen relationships and solve problems.
12. Help her chores. This is the Sunnah that would ease his wife, deepen your love and your partner happy.
13. Make sure you look elegant, neat, clean, fragrant, healthy and happy. Many husbands want wives who threaten, but ignore the appearance yourself.
14. Teach her to give advice and reminders with wisdom. Make your practice action and excellent role model. Avoid saying do not walk the talk.
15. Provide maintenance to his wife in the family's needs and ability of her husband. Many husbands ignore alimony because his wife is working. Many husbands are selfish and calculating. This causes suffering wife and housekeeper threatened.
16. Make cure to her heart. Care needs and wants and be sensitive to her emotions and situations. Wife happy prosperous family form.
17. Always obey all the laws of God and ensure that families are also obedient to God.
18. Exemplary husband always keeps her secret. Many husbands intentionally or unintentionally wife tells disadvantages to others. This must be stopped.
19. Family honored her as his own family. Some husbands distinction between family and family and wife. There is a family at war with her husband.
20. Positive form jealousies. Jealousy is a sign of faith, love and endah.Suami is not jealous is a coward. Wife when her husband was very fond of some jealousy. Him feel appreciated.
21. Be forgiving husband. Paradise beneath her husband's feet. Forgive wife every night before bed so happy household and simple wife in heaven.
22. Greet her mistakes with wisdom and love. Wife upset not because reprimanded, but reprimanded the rough way. When gross husband, wife so scared, confused, sorrow and revolt.
23. Use of the Prophet Muhammad as a model. Turn Sunnah practices in the household. Say the name of the messenger when educating and advising families to gain wisdom.
24. Priority on the wife of another person. This is the order to serve. Many husbands who preferred someone other than his wife. Avoid these mistakes.
25. Ask her prayers and other worship. When apart, telephone or SMS to remind prayer. Enjoined obligatory prayer and wife for circumcision. Make this order until her husband died.
26. Beloved wife wholeheartedly. Love without conditions, increase with age, full of forgiveness, giving energy, never sensara and based on faith and piety.
27. Changing positively. Before attempting to change his wife and family, change yourself first. When the husband changed, the family will also change. When a brilliant husband, the wife is glorious.
28. View a high concern for the family. Many husbands are not concerned with their family. Just ask any further additional services that should be provided to the family.
29. View maturity. Mature ones calm, patient, sensible, wise, able to make decisions and solve problems efficiently.
30. Glorify all women not just his wife. Many men try to respect certain women sahaja.Ramai frustrated wife of a husband who insult or disrespect any women including domestic.
31. Some form of feminine self-selected in a husband. Prophet Muhammad is a shy, forgiving, sensitive, ignorant and easily cry. In which women have in elevating men loved men and women.
32. Skilled in managing the family. Sensitive to the problems and attitudes of family members, efficient troubleshooting, look for alternative solutions and select the optimal solution.
33. Continuously improve ourselves. Increase faith and piety, cleans the liver with prayer repentance, forgiveness, pardon and apologize, make friends with people who are good, thanks to the income and improve the practice and action.
34. So an example or model for the family. Prayer and effort so that every act you can emulate and be proud of the family members. What qualities and your deeds that can be emulated by a family member?
35. Make yourself motivating and effective motivator family sampler. Always give encouragement and tenderness. Avoid anger, criticism or dishonorable family. Think positive and think good of the family.
36. Increase knowledge on the religion. Typically, the husband of the family was religious education. You have to learn the religion with the intent to educate themselves and their families.
37. Always establish the truth. Clearly states what is bad and what is good. Avoid aside solely for the truth without offending family members. Raise the truth with wisdom.
38. To act firmly and gently according to the situation. Resolute in calling for good. The gentle rebuke and advise. Very assertive people rebel, very soft to decent people.
39. Train yourself to praise and appreciate her. Many husbands are good at criticism but do not know praise. Indulgence treat emotional and physical wife and make her feel loved. Look for opportunities to constantly praise.
40. Look for opportunities to act romantic towards his wife. This includes smiling, gentle, say love three times a day, for before being asked, a touch of love, praise and give gifts.
41. Understand that her husband wished to stay in the side. The husband is away with his wife occasionally. When apart, phone, SMS or e-mail sampler say hello, give information and heal homesickness.
42. Form a strong partnership with the wife. View unions liver and opinions to their children and others. Establish cooperation has allowed the meeting, talking, bargaining, Greetings and many prayers.
43. Rate yourself from the eyes of his wife. Remove the nature and practice of hate yan wife. Working hard to do the wife likes. When the wife happy, will grow happy husband.
44. When the husband to treat his wife as she treats friends, definitely happy wife. Imagine how you treat the wife before marriage. Repeat treatment now. Certainly great effect.
45. Husband should learn so follow faithfully. Follow the suggestions, opinions and views her properly. Do not opposition to the good. Control macho fairly.
46. Make law in the household. When the husband is angry, she must be silent. When the angry wife, the husband must be silent. This avoids a fight. People can not fight alone.
47. Train your intuition to be compatible with her intuition. Presentiment incompatible with prayer, obedience to the Lord, forgive her, in the good and to do good things for the wife in any crossings in the liver.
48. Pimpin wife and loving advice. Messages are always and occasional advice. The best time is during recess advice, afternoon, hours of sightseeing and time to sleep.
49. Balance your life properly. Diligent at work, diligent home. Friendly with a friend, friendly as well with the wife. Discipline in the office, even at home discipline. Patience people, patience is the wife. Outside and inside the same house.
50. Manage stress properly so that families are not affected. lakuakan exercise, diet, stop smoking, mixed with positive people, play with the baby, look at the fish in the aquarium, singing, prayers of repentance and forgive everyone.

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