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Aborted non-genetic

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:27 PM

Privation is an abnormal growth problem as a result of how balanced nutrient intake

ARE you in the category of children aborted? Just look at their physical condition, will have the same size with the same age child?

You also certainly acquiesce if your genetics are small and low, you might also consider the height and weight of children of low and lean is a normal thing.

The easiest way to determine the level of growth is to monitor the child regularly. For example, in six months with the calculation using the body mass index (Body Mass Index, BMI) as an adult.

Then compare your child's BMI results with global growth curve of the World Health Organization (WHO) to determine whether they have this problem or not.

Privation is an abnormal growth problem as a result of how balanced nutrient intake in the diet.

Remove genetic myth is the size of a person.

According to researchers from the International Medical University Kuala Lumpur, Assoc. Dr. Khor Geok Lin, the growth rate for each child is the same.

He said if a child is given the right nutrients, balanced growth process becomes normal like other children.

"The study found that about 30 percent of children classified as stunted are also classified as obese or overweight.

"The impact of inappropriate diet is one of the reasons there was a problem with the stunted increased obesity in children," he said.

He said at a seminar on Current Food Intake for Children and Its Impact on Future Guidelines and Action in Kuala Lumpur recently

He was one of four researchers who produce NutriPlanet study, dossier Scientific, research on the nutritional status of Malaysian children aged between one and 10 years.

Review taken from writing analysis and interviews with health professionals and expert stakeholders were conducted.

The study focused on children in the Klang Valley, examined in terms of socio-economic classes and different races according to the population distribution.

According to Dr. Khor, the study revealed that there are 14.4 per cent of children suffer from growth problems which they can not achieve normal height.

In the meantime another researcher Assoc. Dr. Zalilah Shariff, from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), said the study results also showed stunted growth problems continued to expand and is most prominent at the age of two years.

He said the figure is more pronounced in children in the lowest socio-economic class and often occur in the Malay population.

"Through the study we found her nutrition among children in Malaysia still have a problem, especially in an unbalanced diet.

"Generally most of the children are getting enough energy and nutrients from the materials needs for children, but still there are problems in fiber and calcium intake," he said.

In addition to Dr. Zalilah, there are some nutrients intake rate in excess of the recommended dietary specialists eg sugar and carbohydrates.

As recommended by nutritionists around the world, a diet based on the food pyramid is the best intake for children.

"In fact, parents are still able to control the diet of children below six years of age but at the age of growing children are more influenced by the surrounding environment resulting in them has begun to take a snack.

"Here, parents have an important role in monitoring the diet and nutrition of children," he said.

Dr. Zalilah said many parents are so confident with nutirisi diet was given to their children.

He believes that children eating patterns actually determined from what they learn and see every day.

"A healthy diet should be disclosed as often as possible and i need to show examples of parents to their children to also eat a healthy diet.

"Be sure to supply a healthy and balanced diet is always to be at home and be a family favorite and practices," he said.
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