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Ancient Secrets Overcome Stomach Bloating

Monday, October 22, 2012 | 1:03 PM

It was a secret, and it has been kept for 100 years. However, you are lucky because my readers will bongkarinya for you. The secret is how to overcome the problems associated with distended bellies. Yes, the ancient secrets of the bulges overcome.

You smile? It's okay .. If only 'called' just make you smile, what happens if you are among those who have a bulging stomach. You also will get the 'smile' from the people around you. Even if you wear clothes according to your body size, but sometimes distended stomach problems still to be seen. Even more sad that you have received perlian of friends. Although probably just a joke to them, but in your heart, only god only knows!

If men will receive perlian ...

"Large pouch bag you .. what does it say? ".

If women were more shy ..

"Pregnant again to? Aikk .. quickly "

Who could tell if a bulging stomach this. If stomach distended but bring Ferrari, the rest of the story .. but if distended stomach causes incredible appetite. There is something in front of that cozy up to all identified in 'numb'. That's the hard that.

But do not worry. This time, I will appear as a savior, although I know 95% of those who read this secret just read only and does not do, another 4% will do for 3 days and another 1% ... rather I was, they go for 2 weeks. Guess only just so,

But I guess you do not be so. I am sure, you're a soulless firm, remain with the goal to destroy your stomach is distended. However, it would be useless if it does not start with a positive action.
Never lose stomach bloated if you still continue to sit in front of the couch while drinking a coke. Wasted if just hope merely desire alone. The answer is up to the next year of your stomach will still move forward.

Hopefully these tips useful step by step for you. I hope that you fall into the 1% of people who do. People who have a strong desire and proved by deeds.
Here are tips on how to get rid of the ancient secrets bulges.

Step 1: Kempiskan bulges

Training forces can load the next deflate can eliminate bulges. "But, I do not have money to go to the gym bro .. how? "

Ohh .. Do not worry .. Armed burden not actually even need to bother .. Start by doing sit ups. That is also one of the load forces using your body weight as a burden. The best is to sit up more this focus on abdominal strength and it affects your bulges.

Perform 3 sets of each session with the armed sit up 12 times per session. Before getting into session to -2, do planking for 30 seconds yes. Continue so until the third session, alternately with planking. Total time taken for this session is not until 15 minutes already. Easy is not it?

Step 2: Burn fat bulges

What is important, change your diet. If all this time, you eat breakfast roti canai / fat rice / rice trade .. BUT want to lose this flabby tummy, you have to take oats and water biscuits chocolate malt. If before this, take your lunch full of rice .. Please be reduced by a quarter. Can you? =)

I admit it is quite difficult. But it is necessary that it be retained from getting worse. Preventing is better. So cegahlah distended stomach started from controlling your food intake.
Step 3: Nyahkan / Remove bulges

Eat more exercise. How? You need to do exercise extra 5-15 minutes per day. If over the years, you exercise 15 minutes every day for the elimination of the distended stomach, you have to work extra 5-15 minutes longer.

Is best cardio exercise for 30 minutes each day on a consistent basis and then connected with force exercise load for 15 minutes. Fuhh .. If you are committed to this, knew the consequences after 1 month .. Six pack is disrupted.

Step 4: Mengtong trash bulges

Eat more foods that have a 'whole grains'. What are whole grains? Examples of foods 'whole grains' to mengtong trash distended stomach is like biscuit wheat, oats and brown heavy (Basthmathi or Herb Rice ponni taj mahal)

I admit that the price was a little expensive BUT what is wrong if you sacrifice a bit of your money to your health. If you are willing and able to spend to change the touchscreen mobile phone branded, expensive car. No one feels if spend a little money towards better health state.

In conclusion, to perform five steps above is certainly not an easy job for you. Not to mention it requires consistent than you. Regardless, do do so much in advance. If you can not jog, then you start is by walking speed. If you are tired of walking speed, slow start is by walking.

Follow your means yes .. Change your habit to a healthier life. Even if you already weighs 130kg, does not matter. Maybe you feel a bit low bow because you probably weighs 130kg. But, do not feel inferior anymore. Prove you too can be like everyone else. Not yet tried out again huh ..
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