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Artists Managers Do More 'Sudu Dari Kuah'

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | 2:41 AM

STORY legendary rock singer, Amy (Seach) reprimand a manager of artists really caught my attention.

In a report Amy said to be unhappy with the manager of a popular actress who seen this artist's bark.

Because of the fear of entrapment, the artist was there was kind incestuous monkeys.

Actually I am grateful to Amy for being a ripe in the entertainment world, he saw the scene as a bad thing. He dares to make criticisms. This is the best of all time.

Now these artists seem afraid of their own managers. Not that, supposedly the smarter managers. So, the words of the manager, the artist be heard.

But the truth is that artists do not understand, those who pay wages to the person appointed to be a manager. Managers have to know, who is the employer, who was an employee?

I want to take when I got to know Amy's example at the beginning of my career in 1994.

Amy Search of the group at that time under the auspices of the recording company BMG. I remember, when I interviewed Amy, the manager came to see me.

He said, Amy central bad mood So, the last manager gave me tips on how to get rid of Amy's bad mood.

At the same time the manager is truly respectful of other artists in his guardian does not stop me to ask anything to Amy.

He said, Amy is able to answer any questions because he already skilled to deal with the media. As a manager he has trained Amy to be the best artist.

The words of the artist manager made me upset for a while. Great artist manager because he had trained this artist to be great individuals when dealing with work. Even the manager is also attractive image. How to dress and skills not so dazzling. It was not yet added to the scent of a perfume that he wore.

That's different from the way an artist manager before doing the work.

Artist manager today? Huh!!! You are in between, 'Hampeh' and did not reflect the artist in terms of image, including his guardian dressed and how their appearance. There are some kinds of unmanageable.

It does not include other managers more tablespoons of sauce as crazy glamorous than the artist at his guardian.

A manager should wise artist schedule the respective artists, dealing with other prudent way to be able to educate this artist better.

They also have to build a reputation with all levels of people.

I was confronted with the experience of dealing with the artist manager took three days to inform the artist roster at his guardian.

In fact there is some need to prohibit journalists asking specific questions on this artist. Should it?


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