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Breast feeding aids help you lose weight

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:26 PM

Dr, what is the best way to lose weight. I also want to ask, is it true weight will come down when a mother breast-feeding and to increase after stopping breastfeeding?

n Nor, Shah Alam


Questions raised very practical at all. Weight problems are very sensitive in women. I know a lot of women out there who tried various slimming products offered and are willing to spend a lot of money for this problem.

It would be natural, as a woman and wife, we all hope to be able to maintain an attractive body shape to please her husband. Going lean and obese overweight were going to lean. Not dissatisfied with what he has given, but want to be better. But note the One, when once or twice already childbirth, weight loss difficult to download. Furthermore, when breastfeeding completely, not only can not take your medication arbitrary but want even less encouraged excessive dieting for fear affect milk production or harm the baby.

KesabaranMenurunkan weight for mothers who are breast-feeding is not an impossible thing, but it requires patience and commitment. This is because, the process of losing weight while breast-feeding should be done slowly to avoid any complications to the milk given to the baby.

Basically, breast-feeding does not make weight gain. Even according to the study, mothers who breastfeed lose weight more easily than mothers who do not breastfeed because breastfeeding uses between 200 to 500 calories per day. However keep in mind, we still have to keep eating.

There are a few guidelines that may be helpful for mothers who want to lose weight. Most of all mothers need to drink enough water. Enough water to launch the body's systems, including maintaining our metabolism at the proper rate. Preferably just drink water half an hour after eating. Mothers are advised to eat when the stomach is hungry. They will also have to remember the Prophet "Eat when hungry, stop before the full". The best of all is to eat four to six times a day with small quantities. Prefer breakfast. Breakfast has to be taken within an hour after waking up.

Food eaten also be chewed slowly. Best even if the food is chewed 44 times to reduce the burden of digestion. In addition, the brain will receive satiety signals at the right time. If you eat very fast, the brain does not have time to give the signal that we're over-full. Reduce the conversation while eating to avoid not noticed that we have over-eat.

Foods consumed should be balanced. Studies show that many people are overweight due to inadequate nutrition. Lack of protein will cause the body can not produce enzymes (enzymes made up of amino acids) that is sufficient to digest food. In addition, the lack of protein usually have a very high appetite. Protein usually makes us feel satiated in the longer term. Vitamin B6 is an important nutrient in fat metabolism. If declined, fat can not be burned and accumulate excessively.

In conclusion, the food consumed should be balanced. Cut down on sugar and food rapu. Sugar provides calories with no nutritional value. Sugar also increases the potential of someone suffering from diabetes mellitus when intake is not controlled. While rapu food containing high salt appetite not only cause intractable even associated with the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure).

Activities fizikalBanyakkan physical activity. I'm sure the mothers do not have a problem to increase physical activity. Although not able to spend the time to the gym or aerobics, mothers are always busy with daily tasks. Physical activity at least 15 minutes, twice a week is highly recommended.

However, for those not able to make time for exercise, it is better to take an alternative such as using the road farther to get to a place by walking, walking while swinging hand, doing housework, leisure activities with their children, and many use the stairs instead of the elevator .

Mrs. also must always think positive and be patient because this weight reduction is only about two pounds in a month. Continue with breastfeeding because there are many more benefits that you will have.
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