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Dangers of excess sugar

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:34 PM

NOT easy to accept if your parent diagnosed with diabetes. The first thing that will be asked by the doctor is away from sugar. It is not easy to do because they were familiar with the sugar life. After all, the taste of sugar triggers a hormone in the brain that makes us feel good. This is why many people find it very difficult to leave the sugar.

For people with diabetes, the sugar will raise blood sugar levels which in turn will increase the risk of complications involving the nerves, eyes, kidneys and heart.

Now, the American Heart Association (American Heart Association (AHA)) has put extra sugar in the list of causes that can affect the heart as well as from taking too much salt, fat, cholesterol in the diet. According to the AHA, high sugar intake is associated with poor health, including obesity (obesity), diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, high triglyceride levels, all of which are risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

What is sugar?

White sugar, also known as sucrose is the most common form of sugar, but not the only type of sugar. Other forms include brown sugar, fructose, maltose, brown sugar, glucose, honey and maple syrup.

Do we take too much sugar?

Malaysia People generally take approximately 19 teaspoons (76 grams) of added sugar per day. This means about 300 calories from your total daily calories come from sugar. Health experts consider this is well above the limit. We should take no more than six sugar teaspoons (100 calories) for women and nine teaspoons (150 calories) for men (which is recommended by the American Heart Association).

Did you know that drinking 3-in-1 loaded with sugar. A white coffee cup and chocolate malt may contain three to four teaspoons of sugar. Imagine, if you drank only two to three cups of this beverage a day. You must have been more than the daily limit recommended by the AHA. This not take into account several types of sugars contained in your normal foods.

Artificial sweeteners

As you know, artificial sweeteners dikatakan'bebas sugar 'and can be a good choice to replace sugar. The question is, is it true and safe? Munkin you can surf the web to find out more about 'aspartame; sucralose; side effects; Dangers. "

Maybe you've read that food and beverage, carbonated drinks, yogurt, cooked food with an oven, even three drinks in one containing artificial sweeteners. Before buying, check food labels to detect any hidden artificial sweeteners.

Natural sweeteners - stevia extract

It is known as "sweet leaf" or stevia rebaudiana. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar but does not contain any calories. This extract is made from the sweetest part of the stevia leaf.

In addition to a delicious taste, stevia extract is safe and has no side effects. Stevia extract contains no calories and does not raise blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is wise for people with pre-diabetes, diabetes and those who care about health.

As a natural sweetener, stevia does not taste like sugar but it remains the best sugar substitute.

Lastly, there is a three-in-one instant drink sugar free sweetened with stevia extract on the market. These sugar-free drinks containing three flavors of white, chocolate malt and oats and cereals (vanilla) is sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener. These sugar-free drinks are recommended for your diabetes patients to live healthier.

Eversweett sugar free drinks can be purchased in all private pharmacies, pharmacy networks selected, grocery stores and mini-markets across the country.

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