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Early voters support Obama

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:15 PM

Obama campaign asking for the support of young people at the University of Miami, Coral Gables in Florida last week. 

Washington: U.S. President Barack Obama and his challenger from the Republican Party, Mitt Romney according to the polls closely compete now, but the Democratic candidate was seen to have the advantage of receiving great support from early voters.

Romney ahead of Obama by 59 percent compared to 31 percent among early voters, based on the opinion survey collected Reuters / Ipsos.

When the election less than three weeks before voting begins on 6 November next, at seven per cent of those surveyed said already voted either in person or by post.

Online opinion survey is another indication of the initial tests play a big role this year compared to 2008, with an average of one out of three people to vote before the voting begins.

Votes have been made in some form in at least 40 states.

Machinery Obama and Romney called on their supporters to vote as soon as possible so that the campaign can focus on the operation of the door-to-door or phone calls to those who have not yet decided to vote.
Early voting is an important part in his victory against the Republican candidate, John McCain in 2008, and his campaign is aiming to repeat that success this year.

Opinion survey Reuters / Ipsos shows, part of the campaign was worthwhile despite its advantages slight fall ballot by that date.

Obama campaign says, they lead among early voters in Iowa and Ohio and omissions thin in some states than in 2008.

It expects early voting efforts will help the campaign dismissed many negative ads during the final week before the 6 November.

We make an initial investment in a few states that competition is quite impressive to register voters and keep the conversation open to those who have made ​​the decision to record the history of grassroots organizations achieve success when voting counted, Obama campaign spokesman Adam Fetcher.

Machinery Romney campaign said they lead or support tied with Obama in Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire.

The campaign allegedly saw more volunteers to take part as well as the growing enthusiasm among Republicans since Romney gave a good performance in a debate against Obama on 3 October.

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