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Monday, October 15, 2012 | 3:07 PM

Dragon sightings recorded cloudy sky in Jiang Xi, China | Mengejukan sometimes, if you recorded strange objects in the air like a man from the eastern part of China Fuzhou Jianxi. He revealed that a successful picture is recorded in Langi.

Guan Mulin reveal where he managed to take pictures of dragons flying in the sky when he was driving the car.

He explained "I was driving and I found the people were looking on, and my car parking and check what's going on". Guan was surprised to see the dragon fly above the clouds "it looks like two dragons flying in the sky, where a dragon with a head and tail that appears behind the clouds" Guan said the phenomenon lasted for several minutes before finally the dragon had disappeared ..

Is it true that dragons exist? The dragon is not just a mere legend .. What is what is seen by the right or just HOAX? Is it simply a phenomenon that are mentioned as Pareidolia as dragon-shaped cloud in sabah? Allaah knows the mystery so only God knows the truth. - Mystery Collection
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