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Excited! Pregnant Women Due To make love to body

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 3:04 PM

Lexington, Missouri Police arrest and punish Felicity Marmaduke, 38, Women working as an employee at the morgue, because to have committed illegal sexual intercourse and the desecration of the corpse he operates.

Excited! Newspaper clippings posted this strange news

As a result she became pregnant because of the act. Felicity Marmaduke Police fined $ 250,000. Based on his confession to the police, admitted During the incident the woman was bathing the body, the sudden tightening the body organ and have an erection is called (post mortem Erection).

Morgue scene occurs

When alone and see how the body gives rise to the desire to make love and there was a forbidden relationship and beyond the normal human nature. And she was surprised, the body was experiencing orgasm after a few minutes of having sex with her. Once you do a health check a few weeks later, Felicity Marmaduke pregnant specified by the doctor! Police finally know how Marmaduke can conceive.

The corpse of the leave offspring. . 

He was arrested at his home, located just a few meters from the morgue. Which makes this news interesting and hot add is Felicity Marmaduke intend to corner the deceased property as security money for the baby later.
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