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Fined RM40, 000 can be maintained spirit Kelantan

Sunday, October 21, 2012 | 3:58 AM

Bojan Hodak

"THIS is not a bad sign for us." Those were the words Kelantan coach, Bojan Hodak, when asked whether the problem loses two sensational striker, Mohd Nor Mohamad Ghaddar and Farhan, and a fine of RM40, 000 was imposed by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) yesterday dampen their spirit by the Malaysia Cup final on Sunday .

Kelantan Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) at the Shah Alam Stadium.

Obviously, the situation is coincidental and has no meaning for Manitoba.

"Absence Ghaddar, Farhan and sentence imposed fine is a coincidence, not a bad omen for us.

"After all, I did not know anything related to the fine, so I do not think about it," said Bojan.

Yesterday, Kelantan Football Association (Kafa) fined RM40, 000 for the offense supporters threw bottles onto the field, the end of August.
FAM Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Datuk Taufik Abdul Razak said the offense is committed by supporters during a match against Kelantan ATM at Selayang Stadium on August 28.

When asked whether the presence of The Red Warriors fans at the stadium only carrier problem for the team, Bojan totally deny the allegations.

Instead he said, their presence is a morale booster for the players to create their success.

"enyokong is a passion for us, not a problem.

"The issue for the case fans or not, that's their right, after all they are mature enough to figure out which one is best.

"So, for my very important supporters attendance to enliven a tournament, as well as to encourage the player to play," said Croatia coach that comes from that.
At the same time, Bojan also advised his supporters to be able to control his emotions and comply with all relevant authorities to avoid any untoward incidents.
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