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Fowler confident Rodgers

Friday, October 19, 2012 | 5:20 PM

Football News: Brendan Rodgers.Liverpool Legend Robbie Fowler Terry confident that Brendan Rodgers could be successful with the Reds team.

Rodgers who took over as team manager in the summer, come under intense scrutiny by fans and the media after weak start of Liverpool this season.

This is his first season with Liverpool and they just won in one of the first seven Premier League matches, which also puts them in 14th position in the rankings.

Proven high expectations for a team that has acquired a long winning history when many fans suggested that the manager was replaced again.

However, Fowler who visited Singapore for EPL Masters Cup Singapore 2012, very pleased today with Rodgers and trust that managers from Northern Ireland was able to guide Liverpool to further increase.

Baliau said to ESPNSTAR.com: "I have no problem with Brendan because he is the right choice as a manager.

"His philosophy about the game of football is fantastic and I hope that every manager would follow him.

"I like the way he educates. He can do his job well.

"The beginning of this season Liverpool quite weak but the players are able to bounce back and adapt to the style of Brendan.

In an age where managers are now given about a year to produce good results, Fowler has urged Liverpool to stay with Rodgers.

"He should be given time to prove themselves adequacy," Fowler added.

"The fans want Liverpool win but they can understand that every new manager needs time to show their skills.

"You can refer to Manchester United and manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He took over seven years with the team before he has been capable of grabbing the league championship.

"I know the owner and chairman of the team want to win as soon as possible but you have to be patient as well." And Cole fined
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