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Fruit And Vegetable World's Largest

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | 9:57 PM

1. Cassava
Semhat Lebanese farmer Khalil, from the southern city of Tyre, almost could not believe when the harvest at his farm cassava and cassava discover giant weighing 11.3 kg (24.9 pounds).

2. Vegetable Marrow

Knops world's largest water (113 Lbs or 65 Kg). Grown by Ken Dade in Norfolk, the weight reached 65kg. This vegetable requires two people to lift it. it broke the previous record of just 3kg.

3. Jackfruit

Jackfruit heaviest in the world (76 Lbs or 34.4 Kg). This sweet fruit weighing 34.6 kg, its size reaches a length of 57.46 cm and 121.28 cm measuring wind them on August 8, 2003. Grown by George and Margaret Schattauer of Captain Cook, Hawaii, USA.

4. Cabbage

The world's largest cabbage (76 Lbs or 34.4 Kg) John Evans, a mechanical designer who lives 40 miles north of Anchorage in Palmer, Alaska, holds seven world records for giant vegetables. One of them is this cabbage, weighing more than 34kg, making this vegetable record in 1998.

5. Watermelon
The world's largest watermelon (268.8 Lbs or 122 Kg). has a weight of 122kg make this become the world's largest watermelon. Watermelons are grown in farms owned by Lloyd, his family has a long history with their watermelon. Never broke the world record in 1979 with watermelon weighing 200 kg.
6. Carrot
Carrot heaviest in the world (18.9 Lbs or 8.5 Kg) Grown by John Evans in 1998, weighing 8.61 kg, this is the heaviest carrot ever.

7. Cucurbit
The biggest pumpkin in the world (1689 Lbs or 766 Kg) grows in Rhode Island, is the world's largest pumpkin shown in Topsfield from Massachusetts in 2007, weighing 766kg.

8. Cucumber
Largest cucumber (36.1 or 0.9 MTs) with 36.1 in. long, cucumber itself broke the previous record of 35.1 in the Bath, southwest England.

9. Flowering Cabbage 
The world's largest cauliflower (31.25 Lbs or 14.1 Kg) grown by Evans, the world's largest cauliflower weighing 14.1 kg in 1997.

10. Broccoli

The world's largest Broccoli (35 Lbs or 15.8 Kg) are grown by Evans, in 1993, broke the world record broccoli weighing 15.8kg.
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