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Impotency problem

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:37 PM

FAILURE many male sexual function is associated with erectile dysfunction, but what about the women? Indeed, since the first dilemma of the female sex is very rarely discussed openly. Do women also face the problem of sexual dysfunction?

If the first question about sex can be considered 'taboo' and discussed openly is not good because many consider it a disgrace.

But now many women are increasingly being open and not shy to express themselves especially to physicians.

According to consultants and Gynecology Obsetrik Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, Dr. Dharmini Veerakumaran, now more and more women who have come forward telling sexual related problems.

He also operates a fertility program finds the lack of frequency of the intimate relationship cause difficult couples conceive.

"At that time, the patient will undergo counseling sessions and quite a surprise when they are revealed to have intimate relations once a month," he said.

The lack of desire to do together intimate partner increasing among women.

"There are two major categories that contribute to the problem, both physically and psychologically," he said.

Physical problems are usually related to health such as anemia or blood deficiency.

Dr. Dharmini said, when an anemic, their bodies easily become tired and weak.

"Indirectly, this will affect the desire for intimate relation with a partner," he said.

In addition, Dr. Dharmini, chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart also cause impotence not only for men but also in women.

The disease will cause interference to the nerves at the end of the body like the foot and genitals.

"Normally, the ends of the member will be numb and no longer receive the stimulus," he said.

Besides trauma pain after childbirth or post baby coolness cause women are not interested to have intimate relationships.

Meanwhile hormonal changes during pregnancy and after childbirth causes women no feeling for intimate relationship with a partner.

Dr. Dharmini said drugs taken as a seizure medication, anti-psychotic drugs also cause such patients do not have a 'feeling' that intimate relationships.

"Studies show lack of certain hormones in the body of a woman also can cause decreased sexual desire.

"However, it is still under review," he said.

Dr. Dharmini Veerakumaran

The use of drug abuse drugs and alcohol addiction also contributes to sexual harassment of women.

"Do not get me wrong because of drug and alcohol addicts can still do intimate relationship, but do not have any feelings," he said.

Dr. Dharmini add, is not correct to say menopause cause women's sexual desire in decline.

Women who have menopause, taking hormone therapy, stay in shape and do light exercise continuously can restore sexual desire as a young woman.

Meanwhile, the second contributor is related to psychology such as stress, tension, tired of working, worried, scared, have a history of sexual abuse or partner with another couple.

Career women who are busy with the office but to entertain children and make a variety of red homework will reject the request mate.

"Usually at the age of menopause, a husband and wife were financially sound besides the lack of responsibility towards children.

"This gives more time to get together a couple," he said.

Dr. Dharmini said, women have a problem to get out of the cocoon and talk to family, community or physician.

If problems associated with physical, patients should talk to a doctor to solve the problems encountered.

"If because of medication due to chronic illness, doctors may be able to advise that the change or reduce the use of medication.

"They can do simple exercises than the couple to attend counseling to discuss their problems," he said.

Dr. Dharmini said, there are also women who take viagra impotency in hopes of improving their sexual function.

According to him, viagra only works to increase blood flow in the testicles and is not effective for women.

"Right now scientists are still conducting research to find cures for increase female libido but still a stalemate," he said.

Asked whether impotency can be cured, Dr. Dharmini said, the problem can be cured when the cause can be identified.

Once the cause has been identified, he said, then the solution will be easier.

"The important thing patients need to come and see the doctor to get treatment," Dr. message. Dharmini.

According to him, impotency can occur in women regardless of age, but more to the relationship with a partner.

Usually the relationship will become tasteless after marriage age of five years and may be picked up if the couple do activities together like a holiday.

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