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Kidney treatment at home

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:29 PM

Hemodialysis is a routine treatment to kidney patients. - Picture decoration.

AS the search for the best method for kidney patients Peritoneal Dialysis Meeting of International Society (ISPD) to-14, ISPD 2012 Organizing Committee in collaboration with Baxter Asia Pacific recently has collected the nephrologist and policy makers to discuss the progress of dialysis policy.

The seminar highlighted the ideas of how reform policies existing dialysis will have positive effects on dialysis treatment at home, particularly through treatment methods Peritoneal Dialysis (PD).

Director of the Chronic Disease Research Group and Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota, Dr.. Jason Allan Collins said, patients treated with PD may have a life expectancy rate that better early than patients receiving conventional hemodialysis (HD).

In fact he said, younger patients who do not have any other mobiditi may have life expectancy rates better with PD.

In addition, the total cost incurred for the treatment of PD is lower than HD.

"For example, in Malaysia, the cost per year of life saved is six percent lower for PD6.

"Because dialysis is done at home, the PD has the same clinical results as HD, with lower costs.

"Clustered dialysis reimbursement scheme introduced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid in the United States, clearly recognizes the role of dialysis at home and especially economic advantage for PD," said the principal investigator for dialysis policy in the United States (USRDS ).

Meanwhile, Head of Nephrology and National Advisor, Ministry of Health, Dr. Ghazali Ahmad said the increase in patients requiring dialysis in this country has led to the dialysis center in the last 10 years.

"There are concerns that have been raised on the management and performance of the treatment in dialysis centers, especially the long waiting time in public dialysis centers due to lack of capacity and trained personnel.

"While we find a solution to mitigate this problem by providing guidelines for the best, we also need to look at the practices and policies to ensure the provision of a national fund that can cover the quality of dialysis services to all patients in the present or in the future, in this country , "he said

Dr. Ghazali said the priorities for potential PD to overcome capacity constraints and also shorten the waiting time due to PD treatment is done in the patient's own home.

With greater access to treatment, the PD also offers treatment that focuses on individual and customized to a patient in addition to providing information to patients to manage care at home.

ISPD 2012 Organising Committee President, Datuk Dr. Zaki Morad Mohd. Zaher said, to ensure the quality of dialysis treatment involves various aspects of dialysis policy.

He said this includes allowing patients to choose, train and educate patients and professionals, selecting patients, comply with the guidelines, until the appropriate size of the dialysis center.

Beliauberkata, through the procedures, the government may seek to provide a safe and effective treatment, as well as improving the standard of patient care decisions.

"It is important for us to consider the latest trends in home dialysis as providing comprehensive and holistic approach to the treatment of kidney failure," he said at a roundtable discussion during the seminar.

The roundtable discussion attended by some experts from the U.S., Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan, who each present the latest developments related to PD policies in their countries.

Present at the discussion were 50 participants from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines and Singapore; including representatives from the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
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