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Monkey-faced human from Gorontalo

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:57 PM

Due to his father's words, this girl has physical features like a monkey. Part jaw nozzle looks forward, while around the face and around his body covered with a lot of heavy fuzz. According to local residents, the mother Fatma Nusi very fond of eating fruit - fruit per day during pregnancy.

So Speech Statement
"You ask fruit continuously, like conceiving a baby monkey only". Those were the words often spoken by the father, during his second daughter Fatma pregnant.

Words which he claimed as he applied the curse by Septi (name of the child), the regret that his wife always crave fruit, then believed to be the cause of her son was born with a face like a monkey.

"Maybe God heard the speech and finally make it happen as an attempt for me and my husband," said Fatma with dejected tone, remember the burning sensation during pregnancy.

Three years since Septi born, Fatma had to raise three children after her husband divorced a shame to have children with different physical with normal children of others.

Increasingly stinging Fatma pierced heart, when he saw his son since the age of four walking sometimes crawl and nimble look like a monkey. "I often scold him when they went crawling. Scared will be the norm and people will believe he is almost like a monkey," said Fatma Septi present but I am confident in my life to test the patience of any size and love for him, "said Fatma mengakihiri conversation .

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