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Parts of the human brain that make false

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 | 2:03 PM

During this time, scientists do not know where in the human brain the most responsible for a lie. People just know when the lie emerges from a speech, but knew not if it has to do with certain parts of the brain.

After doing research, scientists finally find a conclusion. That, the brain is located at the front of the fore-most ubunitulah responsible for the occurrence of false

This conclusion is, in fact belong to very late when compared with what is implied by Allah. in his word in the Qur'an. Part of the brain called the Qur'an by the name 'nashiyah'atau crown.

Impressive is that the Qur'an centuries ago was talking about the function of this crown when discussing Abu Jahl:
Allah swt. says in Surah Al-'Alaq verses 15 and 16.
كَلَّا لَئِنْ لَمْ يَنْتَهِ لَنَسْفَعَنْ بِالنَّاصِيَةِ * نَاصِيَةٍ كَاذِبَةٍ خَاطِئَةٍ

"Indeed, if he do not stop (do so) We shall drag him by the forelock [1], (namely) the crown who deny disobedient.
[1] Meaning: put it in the fire by pulling the head.

The Qur'an gives a كاذبة خاطئة (rejected, disobedient). Statements such as these scientists found at the present time using magnetic resonance scanning.
Glory to Allah, has stated facts which showed Al-Quranyang supremacy recently found at the present time.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/ #! / KeajaibanQURAN

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