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Positive face menopause

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:43 PM

DR., I now have reached the age of 45 years. Alhamdulillah, after a checkup, my health is still at a good level. FYI Dr., I now also ready to deal with any potential disease especially menopause. I just want to ask, what is the risk of diseases that are faced by women late 40's and how prevention.

* Thank you, Suzana, WA.


Aging is a major health problem for women aged 40's. It is often associated with menopause. Menopausal problems, normal hit women ages 50's. If they live up to 80 years, these people have 30 years to go through this life. In addition to symptoms of menopause, women involved also have other problems. Among osteoporosis (brittle bones), increased body weight, dry, wrinkled skin and itching, easy hair loss, often tired, sleepy, movement and response to slow, difficult to control the bladder, for instance always leak when coughing, medical problems such as diabetes mellitus (diabetes), hypertension (high blood pressure), hiperkolesterol and risk of cancers including breast cancer, colorectal (bowel), uterus and egg plant (ovary).

To weather this period of time, various preparations have to be done. Symptoms that would change women 40's who among aging fatigue and breathlessness, sleeplessness, insomnia busy and very easy to sleep. To menopause, women will always feel warm milk (hot flushes), the most significant in terms of depression and psychiatric easy to feel isolated. This happens because female hormones cause mood down and no. This group is also at high risk of suffering from osteoporosis. When age, the bones of the joint begin to feel sick especially the spine.

Not all women will face, but the possibility is there. But for women, this is not the end of life because there is no treatment to overcome this problem. Importantly, each one taking the initiative to undergo screening tests such as blood tests to find out the levels of glucose and cholesterol, test mammogram, pap smear, ultrasound tests in the pelvis and bone densitometry test. Important screening test done at least once in two years. For example, cancer regardless of age and initial inspection should be done for early prevention.

SuplemenDalam making preparations to control the disease, all women need to control their lives wisely. In addition to health care by taking vitamins and supplements, they need to take a good diet. For example, for women going through menopause, your body metabolism will be low. Furthermore, they suggested reducing meal, choose quality food, high protein, preferred vegetables and fruits. In addition, they need to control the intake of glucose and carbohydrates.

Consistent healthy lifestyle, everyone needs to do some exercise. Among the advantages of exercise to reduce stress and the risk of obesity. Many women do not know the problems of the menstrual cycle is affected by obesity. Therefore, weight control is essential. In addition, exercise can balance and strengthen muscles. However, exercise is necessary according to age ability. For those who are tired, do not have to run. Just plenty of run as the morning at least to sweat.

Knowledge positifDengan minded and positive thinking, woman could face menopause phase with fun and quality. Therefore, I recommend reading a book called madam Menopause: Face it without emotion, published by John Wiley & Library in 2010. The book contains the information needed by women to prepare themselves to deal with life during and after menopause. It details all of the facts to be known as well as feedback from medical practitioners that are considered personal issues. In addition, there is evidence of the symptoms experienced by women who are approaching menopause phase, and how treatment can be taken to relieve the women who need this assistance. Indeed, menopause is not the point for a life full stop. Celebrate with a smile of joy. Presence menopause signifies the true survival for every woman.
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