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Tutorial Blog - Put Nuffnang ads Static

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 1:57 AM

Do you already have an account Nuffnang.?.
If so, where do you place your ad's .. (skyscraper)?

Installing static ads are put ads on a fixed position in a blog though entries were di'scroll 'down

You scroll somehow it remains at that position. Advantage.? Will be untold downstairs, let us see how that should be done to put this static Nuffnang ads.

Owh, before. Some may ask 'Put static advertisement does not violate the terms and conditions Nuffang to.?'

So is the answer from Nuffnang own.

Yes, it is allowed for a blogger to place his ad unit static as shared by you. That position is no doubt desirable and advertisers would love to advertise on such placement.

However, bear in mind that the desirability for a Skyscraper ad unit is the same if it\'s placed;
- the top gadget of a sidebar
- visible upon loading of the page
- visible at all time (static ad)

As such, it doesn\'t really make a big difference, but nevertheless, advertisers will pay more attention to blogs which embed the ad units as a static ad.

Robb Chew
Blogger Relations Executive

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

How to put a static ad is as follows.

1. Login account to make sure Nuffnang Nuffnang ad code for Skyscraper

2. Copy the code below and place it in HTML / javascript in your blog
(Dashboard> Layout> Page elements> Add a Gadget> HTML / javascript)
If you still do not understand see here.

<div style='display:scroll; position:fixed; bottom:5px; right:5px;'>Letak Kod Nuffnang Sini</div>

i.) 5px value can be changed. This value determines the distance from the ground and the distance from the right.
ii.) Enter the code Nuffnang ads taken from step 1. (make sure the code is to Skyscraper)

UPDATE: If you want to co-writing code flicker ² "aik, JE will not see" the code is shown below.

<div style='display:scroll; position:fixed; bottom:5px; right:5px;'><blink>Ai, takkan tengok je.:)</blink>Letak Kod Nuffnang Sini</div>

3. Save, then see the effects on your blog. :)

What, not happy .. :)

-------------------------------------------------- ---------

Advantages of static place an advertisement.

1. The probability to get a glimpse of the advertisement is very high. As it appears always even scroll down.

2. Probability to click is also high.

3. Advertiser more interested to advertise on your blog.

4. Based on no1, 2 and 3, then your earning will also increase .. :)

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