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Rosni agony because of piles

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 2:44 PM

AT observations of these women writers such as not suffering from any disease. Fresh her face and figure can be said to still remain beautiful.

"I have been suffering from piles and the level of three years ago I was diagnosed with kidney stones because of urinary incontinence.

"Imagine you have had to bear the pain of two diseases at the same time," said Saad Rosni, 45 which served as the Senior Executive Goldium Property Sdn. Limited.

Hear the word piles, many would fear. Pain due to hemorrhoids can only be imagined but the saying goes, heavy eyes, shoulder carry more weight.

Storytelling about hemorrhoids, Rosni told, the doctor had suggested he do the surgery but she refused.

Therefore, he must be smart enough to control diet or control the pain if piles comeback.

He said he would introduce himself using hand-shaped pieces of meat flower petals into the anus.

"It was only God knows the pain.

If the meat is out, my life was suffering.

Three to four days to be seated in a round container with a hole in the middle. Then, I slept side. More painful when I have constipation defecation and no bleeding. Many years I suffered, I like want to cry then, "said the mother of three children this.

MurungMenurut Rosni, hemorrhoids can cause patients to become depressed and low confidence levels.

This is because the patient exhausted and depressed at the thought of the pain incurred.

"Your work in the office and at home distracted simply because of hemorrhoids. Though the disease can disappear and all of a sudden come back, it actually interferes with our emotions. Son did not sit comfortably.

"But I'm thankful for hemorrhoids and gallstones that I experience is recovering after I tried supplements, and Reverse Redianze Eskayvie output. At first I did not believe one hundred percent, but I tried it because I have to work. Alhamdulillah, this supplement is compatible with me. After six months of trying, my health is gradually improving, "he said.

In the meantime, continue Rosni doctor and adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain health.

To avoid repeated buasirnya, Rosni change dietary patterns to reduce spicy foods and more green vegetables.

"I want to share this experience with the reader for them to understand that every disease there is cure and they can not give up. Prevention is actually better and it starts from our own lifestyle," said the Queen finalists selected Eskayvie pretentious category.
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