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Square-shaped watermelon!

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 3:15 PM

Watermelon squares or cubes may sound a bit strange to you, but not for the people of Japan. Farmers in Japan already familiar enlarge watermelon this way! About 20 years ago, a farmer in Kagawa prefecture, Japan has created a way to easily put a cube-shaped watermelon in the fridge. Not so much watermelon cubes harvested between 800biji to 1,000 seeds per season. Kebisaanya prices continue to rise to 12,000 yen, or the equivalent of 450 dollars!

However, the unusual shape brings a lot of attention from around the world. Not only in Europe and Hong Kong display this watermelon in the media, but also the president of a country and a senior Asia Syria has bought watermelon is staggering! Today, watermelon weird from Japan has become famous all over the world.

It's a lot of benefits for things like packaging and shipping and save space in retail stores. In terms of disadvantages, the angle pretty hard bite watermelon slices compared with the curved pieces. But whatever your reasons either shaped or round, it appears in the form looks pretty neat.

The picture above is a square watermelon molded container. Anyone can create their own projects watermelon cubes.

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