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Tuesday, October 16, 2012 | 2:49 PM

Ten years ago, appeared on a topic about someone who claims to be pemgembara time forum2 shook internet. It called itself the John Titor of a U.S. Army in 2036, leading to the specific mission across time to 1975 times sake take and save the world's first portable computer IBM 5100.

Seemed to hear the story of science fiction, but John Titor eventually became the most spectacular and controversial debate since 2001 until now! It's become a legend in the virtual world, as information told about the future (Century 21) has been demonstrated as part benar2 happen. And when in early 2001, John Titor back to his days of 2036 era.

Information brought by John Titor's very groundbreaking virtual world as already individually berseiringan over time, what was said by him started to be true. It also put up good schematically time machine he used to tell his duties and disseminate scientific formula forum2 machine on the internet.

Who is John Titor? He claimed that was born in 1998 in Florida, USA and was also mendawa that have been successful in carrying out his mission to return to the year 1975 by taking the IBM PC 5100 PC dikeranakan owns unix language program that has never been used on succeeding generations of computers.

According to John, all unix systems will face a "time error" in the year 2036 and caused the IBM 5100 was very important to them. While the debate was going on about the truth of the existence of time traveler, John Titor statement later admitted the truth by the IBM. They were amazed that when IBM 5100 PC was created in 1975, only 5 people who are able to break the unix language on that computer. So where was John able to know the secret?

John admits he used the time machine is from model C204 which is a mini time machine invention with a payload capacity of 3 people over time. The machine belongs to the U.S. military in 2036, and the existence of a time machine in those days was not seen as a curiosity even if it is considered very exclusive. Another larger model is of artificial C206 General Electric (GE) that can accommodate passengers up to 7 people at one time. The machine can only take them a maximum of 60 years back in time with the speed of 10 years per hour!

Although the mission is to the year 1975 but John Titor stopped briefly to the year 2000, on 2 November 2000 until 24 March 2001 for his personal affairs of visiting his family for several months. After that he returned to the year 2036 leaving a number of important information about the future!

Among the information that has been told by John Titor on dikunjungilah internet forum is:

1. John Titor said that the basic principle of the machine has been proposed by CERN, namely an association of atomic particles and nuclear research in 20 European countries based in Geneva, Switzerland. According to John in the first year of construction work is a time machine is like a "black hole" that suck mini particle physics (body / object) to a time or times specified.

Fact: In 2001, CERN has spread the spectacular Large Hadron Collider experiment (LHC) and the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), the two machines are capable of transmitting energy terrible strength, and anti-object experiments have produced something that looks like "a black hole "artificial mini able to inhale every object within reach.

2. John Titor said it would be the occurrence of an event that shook the U.S. in 2001 to be known as 9/11. Associated with disaster on two skyscrapers and the event has become an open war pengemuman policy against terrorists around the world by the U.S..

Facts: On 11 September 2001, the WTC in New York was struck by two commercial airplanes captured terrorists cause the most bloody tragedy in the terrorist attacks in the U.S. and the world. Something connected with the Al-Qaeda network. And the U.S. launched a counter-attack against all forms of violence and related links.

3. John Titor told there would be a further U.S. military attack on Iraq on the grounds there were weapons of mass destruction there. But that is more a political action because the alleged weapons of mass destruction the U.S. has never been found in Iraq.

Fact: the U.S. Military and multinational team barutnya rope was already doing the attack on Iraq around March 2003.

4. John Titor will inform the occurrence of a major disaster which destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives at the end of 2004.

Fact: The earthquake was followed by a tsunami raged several parts of Asia in December 2004, with the number of victims reaching hundreds of thousands of lives in several Asian countries and the worst is in the province of Aceh - Nias, Indonesia.

5. John Titor claimed also that it would be the occurrence of a meteorite collision of objects in Earth's atmosphere from space for more than a decade on Earth.

Fact: NASA and several other multinational body astronami has reported about an incident meteor showers and meteorites collision initiated in the Earth's atmosphere in the presence of the Earth crosses a comet in 1998 that saw the meteor shower scratches which is expected to occur until the year 2032. Reported that there is a threat of collision and a small asteroid impact with the Earth's atmosphere from the year 2008 to the year 2032 due to rotational crossing over to the essence of the Earth's orbit the asteroid belt in the solar system.

6. John Titor also said about Alien and UFO mystery still continues to be in his day. But an understanding of extraterrestrial beings that ever made sense claimed existed. He claimed that the aliens also probably be time travelers from another dimension or galaxy because he assumed that if humans can over time as himself, it is possible there are other creatures that are more advanced and forward technology and its science knowledge to do things as men do.

7. John Titor also have time to tell about the Mayan tribe calendar prediction of doomsday is expected to occur in 2012 if it is true or not. Finally he described that there will indeed unusual phenomenon and unique and strange in 2012. But it was not affecting humans and other inhabitants of the world by emphasizing that he was already through the event and still remain alive at least to get to the year 2036!

According to him, the phenomenon will happen in the year 2012 is the ultimate natural phenomenon at this time (in 2001) it has already started happening. The year 2012 is not doomsday, totally as digembar loosen, but what happens when that will lead to a major catastrophe that will sacrifice a lot of the world of living beings. Phenomenon is indeed related to climatic events, tectonics and volcanic activity are marked with earthquake-magnitude scale earthquake, typhoon, hurricane and tsunami.

Facts: Currently (in 2011) has an earthquake, storm, rain, flooding that swallowed up many victims of global climate changes.

8. John Titor mentions that World War III will occur to a great 2015. Offensive weapons that became asbab nuklearlah main cause third world war which caused Earth damaged as to the extent of radioactive contamination in the future life is very burdensome to healthy food sources are limited, minimum stock of clean water, and way of life undergo a very difficult due to the lack of some basic goods.
These are only some of the information proclaimed by John Titor. And this has been happening for some information in the future day after John Titor say goodbye to return to the year 2036 in the internet forum. Still there are many more other information presented John Titor. Although some suspect that this may be only just a hoax story about the future but maklumat2 presented by John Titor has been verified really happened.

Coupled with the presence of interference secret U.S. government agency who wants to hunt John Titor therefore has made many people believe that the existence of John Titor is true! Several witnesses who claimed to have met John Titor admits they interrogated by U.S. secret agents. John Titor family also reported to have rushed to move home before a huge storm hit Florida in 2001. Maybe they already told John Titor on the occurrence of storms will. And at present the whole family information has been kept secret John Titor!

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