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This young man Born From Poor Families In New York

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | 3:55 PM

This young man was born from a poor family in New York. His mother had had her door ditangga a school. As a result she was born imperfect, he suffered nerve abnormalities in the mukaya, the right side of his face as abnormal.

He also stutters and ends his lips always pulled downwards. He often ridiculed as a cartoon character in the Looney Tunes cat a chance similar to its name.

However, he had dreams of becoming a famous actor.

To pursue her dream to be a famous actor, the youth follow auditioned everywhere. Face a new stand alone "as a mental defective" and stutter, and who look stiff acting, he always refused to act in any character whatsoever.

But he did not give up even though he was in less of 1500 times, but the total number of agents in the New York film is not much. This means, the agents have repeatedly rejected.

After a failed audition everywhere, finally he bernekad.

To get the first character he did not budge. He came brought them agency at 4:00 pm but the movie agent who approached refused to meet him. The next morning when the agency came into office he found the young man still waiting. He waited overnight.

Finally agent does not stand up and give him a chance. Although he only appeared for a few minutes as extras, this is a pride for him. At least give the value added that she was playing a movie. He thinks the way will be easier.

But it turned out his career did not budge. He found one failure to get other roles. Him. Fact he has appeared in a semi-porn film with payments as low as U.S. $ 200 for 2 days shooting.

After that his career was not even thrive.

She can not afford to buy room heater when the temperature is very cold in New York. He had to go to the library to read, just to get a warm temperature. Of books read in the library he finally got the idea to write the script. He managed to sell a script valued at U.S. $ 100.

His life has not improved. She started not stand her attitude. She always told him to find a job that does not exist hubugannya with acting, but she insisted not want to bury his dream in the world of acting. His life gets tough, she had to sell her jewelry.

At the lowest point in his life he was forced to sell pet dog named Timmy. He worked hard for months until he was he did not have any money at all. Timmy is very close to her, like a friend, with only her dog had to sell for U.S. $ 25 to be able to resume his life, because it was really desperate, so he had no direct money to eat. During this time she was crying.

In those hard times, he was watching a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Webner, a weak boxer who according to forecasts the public will be able to be cut down for 3 round, it appears Webner have stability and hardness of heart. He successfully completed the entire 15 round fight Ali for refusing to give up.

Youth was very inspired in the game and appeared a vision to write a film script about the match. On the night of the same day he wrote and wrote for three days without stopping, until the script is finished. She was very happy with the script, because in his mind he knew that the script of the story will be a life-changing film and destiny. Her hands trembled while holding up the script.

Then he presented the script to producers. But nothing seriously to the script of the story.

But he never stopped trying. He offers his story and denied script Streamy times to all producers and film studios. Until one day, there was a brave studio bought the script with the value of U.S. $ 20,000 provided by the heroes dibitangi Reynolds Ryan O'Neal and Brut.

He was happy to get the offer, but still want starred in their own movie. He volunteered to act. The director refused. Though utterly need the money, she insisted refuse to sell the script unless he could be a star. Director continues to raise its offer $ 80,000, $ 125,000, $ 250,000 to $ 325,000, but the young man refused to sell the script unless he became heroes. He promised to act well.

The producers finally agreed and made him the hero of the movie, but for a charge of $ 20,000 for the script and the story plus $ 340 a week on the minimum wage is an actor. After deducting agent commission costs, and rent, he only got $ 6,000 of net income rather than $ 325,000

Who is the young man?

This is the true story of Sylvester Stallone or abbreviated name "Sly".

Sly realized, after 1500 times less, Rocky script he made probably the only gate to be a hero, because he does not want to miss the Rocky character to others.

Even low-budget U.S. $ 1,000.000 and starring well-known actors are not at the time, which Stallone himself, the film exploded in the market and make money of U.S. $ 200,000,000, or 200 times as much.

From the Rocky films she played opposite grabbed best actress Academy Award for her. The film won three Oscars for best film, best director and best film screenplay.

After Rocky, success continued to accompany him for a few years after that. He again managed to become an icon in the action movie character Rambo. Youth is an icon of Italian descent macho man in action films in Hollywood.

He became an actor in the world's largest printer box office during 1970 to 1990. Rocky movie (Rocky 1-5) and Rambo (1-4) earned nearly U.S. $ 1 billion, and made Stallone an international movie star's most expensive.

What he achieved is currently defending its stronghold of a dream to become a movie star.

If he acquiesce script starring Rocky others may he earn U.S. $ 325,000 for the script, but he lost the chance, which may be the only one, to become a major star.

About dilaminya rejection, he said

"I take rejection as TechPowerUp blowing a bugle in my ear to wake up and get going, rather than retreat".
"I consider rejection as the horn sounded in the ears to awaken us not to back up".

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