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Tips For Entrepreneurs Lack of Help

Monday, October 22, 2012 | 1:04 PM

There are many organizations, societies, associations and foundations established to intensify entrepreneurial entrepreneurial activity among Bumiputera traders including in rural areas. This noble effort should be lauded, not to mention if they are self-sufficient on their own feet without seeking subsidy or financial assistance from the government.

Simply, there are sometimes constraints in here and there. Among them since disbanded Ministry of Entrepreneur Development, champion of entrepreneurial activity less known and dispersed hither and thither. The majority of entrepreneurs or their umbrella government departments are not sure where they should go. MITI anyone? MRRD anyone? Or where?

For info together, many have departments that deal with the Ministry of entrepreneurial activity. The only difference is the target group. There Fama, LKIM, Mardi, MARA, such as regional development authorities KEJORA, KETENGAH, land development authorities like FELCRA, and more. The problem is what happens to entrepreneurs who are unable to live under the government departments?

There are many advantages if the entrepreneur under the auspices of the agency. Among them, the info about the expo opportunities, training, assistance labeling, promotional and others will be discovered earlier than others. Sometimes, they are the earliest available opportunity. That's all the more recently opened to others. So what about the other people there?

Berpulas root sense not broken. In spite of all these constraints, there are still ways. Easy way to do even if cheap style. Take the training and guidance to entrepreneurs under the NGO X. They can only join any government department guidance entrepreneurship seminar at large expositions like HALFEST, MAHA, even KUD be held in Putrajaya next year. Typically these seminars free of charge and open because the goal of the organizers is to ensure the participation of as many as possible participants.

Another way is to form strategic partnerships with government departments. Expo organized itself with a small scale, by seeking authorization for the use of the department's official logo as a sign of support and attraction to the public. But to be honest, if permission has been given nor abused. Again, people do not believe, no second chances. Once people start to believe it, insha-Allah, next street. It is okay if the organization completed the expo, and performance evaluation reports sent in pictures to a government department who is willing to allow its logo used.
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