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Vegetable market place selling heroin

Monday, October 15, 2012 | 1:37 PM

IN the wholesale market back alley drug dealers activity location for side money.

KUALA LUMPUR - Who would have thought in the hustle and bustle of employees in the wholesale market in Selayang Kuala Lumpur baskets of vegetables and fish slide sticking a drug trafficking activities masterminded Myanmar in recent months.

Illegal activity for one hour starting at 6 am that happen every day without fear as it is done in a leaden in the parking lot and back alley door of the market place and out of the drums containing a variety of vegetables for trading.

Kosmo! disguised as a visitor for four hours starting at 5:30 am recently can see a glimpse of Myanmar workers assigned market unloading vegetables into the wholesale market can quickly especially drug trafficking heroin to their customers.

Observations Kosmo! found that the drug sellers and buyers take no more than 30 seconds to do one-on-one transactions.

Heroin was the drug types in demand among customers who stop by to get the forbidden goods.

Drugs sold by foreign workers in the wholesale market is also placed in the box of cigarettes. Only overnight cigarette box containing drugs with money changing hands of drug addicts.

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