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Why Do We Pray facing the Kaaba

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 | 2:19 PM

Maybe all this we always ask every time we do pray, we face the Qiblah, ie the Ka'bah facing. Why exactly we should be facing the Kaaba?

This is actually a history of the oldest in the world. History long before man was created in the earth, God has sent the angels down to earth and a place of worship to develop the first home of man. This is said in the Quran:

Indeed, the first house built for mankind was that at Bakkah House (Mecca) of blessing and of guidance for all mankind.
(Surah Ali Imran: 96)

At the time of Noah, this Ka'abah ever sink and collapse. After that, Abraham with his son and his wife to the arid valley without water temple was once developed. Then Allah commanded them to rebuild the temple on the remains of the temple first. Temple was used as a place of worship to three world religions.

And when We made ​​the House (Ka'abah) a resort for mankind and sanctuary. Make the tomb of Abraham as a place of prayer. And We covenanted with Abraham and Ishmael: 'Purify My House for those who circumambulate it, who meditate, who bow and prostrate.' And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men: they would have come to you on foot and every lean camel ride come from every deep and distant,
(Surat al-Hajj: 27)

During the time of Prophet Muhammad, in the first order of prayer is coming toward Baitu'l Maqdis. The Prophet trying to keep praying facing the Ka'abah. The trick is to take a position on the south side of the Ka'abah. To overlook the north, the other facing Jerusalem in Palestine, he was still facing the Kaaba.

But when he and his companions migrated to Medina, the two places facing the opposite direction is impossible. And the Prophet saw often menengadahkan face to the sky hoping to mengkiblatkan prayer revelation to Ka'abah. To descend the following verses:

We really see my face to the heavens: now Shall We turn thee to a Qibla that shall please thee. Turn your faces towards the Masjidil Haram. And wherever you are, turn your faces towards it. And those who were given the Book certainly know that turning the Masjidil Haram is true of the Lord, and Allah is not unmindful of what they do.
(Surat al-Baqara: 144)

So in the course of face Ka'abah, Muslims have a long historical background. Ka'abah is the first building erected on this earth to be a place of worship the first man. And Allah has determined that a Muslim prayer must face the Kaaba as part of the regulations in prayer.

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