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You Can Make a vice, But There's 5 of the!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 | 2:10 PM

What is evil? If asked how many sins must think that vices such as adultery, double and so on.

However, this evil has a wider scope. All things that can cause sin is disobedience.

In al-tazkirah ahwal al mawta wa fi al-akhirah age by imam al-Qurtubi, tell about a man's journey to find self in guidance has been met with a great Sufi, that Ibrahim Adham.

he asked, is there any room for him to do evil.

last answered by Ibrahim Adham, "you can commit sins on condition":

1) Do you eat a living God.
- For non-eligible people who eat sustenance disobey ALLAH ALLAH.

2) Do you live on earth God.
- Because not qualify org indwelling on earth disobey Allah and rebellion to the LORD.

3) Make vices at vantage ALLAH will not see you.

4) If the angel of death comes to take your life, then said to the angel of death to put a little more time so that you may live long repented. if you can do so, then welcome to do evil.

5) If zabaniah guardian angel came to mengheretmu hell into hell, then say to HER that you will not follow him. if you can do that, then welcome to do evil.

After hearing these words, the man sobbed as she realized that not fitting for a slave to Allah to disobey HIS.

Finally, the man found the guidance. He repented in earnest. Since then, he hastened to acquire knowledge and work with him and be a good servant of Allah.

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